Shirley Walrond RN, tadalafil CCC. Torbay Retirement Village, Hervey Bay Queensland…

“I have been a client since 2009 and enjoy the ease with which I can do my continuing education. As an individual, being able to do the training at home means a better outcome for me as I can concentrate on the content as well as taking time to read the reference material which further adds to my knowledge. The organisation I work for encourages staff to subscribe to Aged Care Learning Solutions and accepts the Elder Abuse, Fire Training and Medication Management modules as the required competencies each year. I would like to congratulate Aged Care Learning Solutions for their personalised service and for providing a comprehensive but simple and easy way of learning and achieving my Continuing Professional Development hours.”


Shelley Hayton Registered Nurse. St Ives NSW…

“Dear Deb and Greg,

What can I say?  Only that I have a friend to thank from the bottom of my heart for informing me of your website! Then, how can I thank you enough for all of the encouragement and support I’ve received from you both – especially you, Deb, in helping me to achieve my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) component points for my Registration Renewal – not only in the comfort of my own home, but at such an amazingly low cost!!! Prior to finding you, I needed to search out courses that were relevant to my nursing practice; pay (often quite large sums of money) and then take the time to drive to these courses (and often take some time off in the day as I work night shift), sit through lectures and then drive home again, with my certificate in my folder. Thanks to you, I can browse the extensive Catalogue, pick a pertinent subject, and then just start!  If I have any queries, you return my calls at a time suitable to me (or send a succinct email) and then off I go again.  You even help me with any problems inputting the information into the ongoing practice journal – which is then downloaded at a touch of a button and printed off!  Too easy!!  You even keep a record of all the certificates for me!  I will be encouraging my fellow RN’s to join your wonderful Aged Care Learning Solutions Training Site. I can’t believe how cost effective and easy you have made it for us – a definite ‘no-brainer’ as far as I’m concerned. Thanks once again.  Please use this testimonial any time, anywhere!”

Yours sincerely, Shelley C Hayton.

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