CPD Subscriptions and Renewals

You Could be Doing Your CPD at Home in Your PJ’s

Aged Care Learning Solutions has a unique CPD solution for individual registered and enrolled nurses and health professionals who care for older people to ensure your national registration continuing professional development requirements are met.

The ACLS CPD Solution is an annual subscription of $100 + GST as a tax deductible expense.

All you need is access to an internet connection and an email address. Your user name, view password, login instructions and any other correspondence is sent by email. Follow the instructions and get learning! You can do your CPD at anytime and anywhere. You have two months to complete each CPD activity at your own pace.


“All Aged Care Learning Solutions educational material
is endorsed by the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation”.


An annual subscription includes:

- A minimum 20 hours CPD activity per year via the ACLS CPD Annual Learning Plan
- Access to 50 +online CPD activities
- Option of self- enrolling in any modules from the ACLS CPD Catalogue
- Enrolment in the annual ACLS Learning Needs Analysis
- Reflection Evaluation with each CPD activity
- Option of recording other CPD activity (workplace seminars, workplace competencies, mentoring, conferences etc) in your individual Activities area in the Learning System
- An electronic transcript of all CPD activity for each year that can be provided
as evidence if required for national registration.

New Subscriptions

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