Our Track Record

Since our company’s beginning in 2004 we have delivered 200, medicine 000 module enrollments and have in excess of 50,000 evaluations results that are consistently 98+% positive across all topics and from all learners including support staff, direct care, RN’s, EN’s and other health professionals. More than 50 aged care specific online education modules have been created and we are continually adding to our online libraries.

We are the leading provider of online aged care specific education to the aged care workforce. On 1st December 2011 Aged Care Learning Solutions partnered with the Australian Nursing Federation following an extensive tendering process to enable the establishment of the ANF Aged Care Training Room. The ANF ACTR provides ANF members and non-members with aged care specific continuing professional development.

Other aged care education providers talk about the quality of their content or rely on testimonials but where is the evidence that the education is relevant, adds to knowledge and most important can be used to improve client and resident care? Our evaluation results are testament to the quality of the education that we continue to develop and deliver.

All ACLS education modules have an anonymous online evaluation that learners choose to complete at the end of each module. Each evaluation has five questions that include relevance of the module content, if there was an increase in knowledge and if the information could be applied to improving care or services.

Here is a snap shot of a recent analysis of our Manual Handling, Fire Safety and Evacuation and Elder Abuse online evaluations.The data is from 13,853 individual question responses collected from nurses, direct care and support staff.

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