workreadyonline Induction Program

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workreadyonline is Aged Care Learning Solutions online induction program, it is fully customisable, job relevant, web based solution for both residential and home care organisations.

Ensure your staff are work ready before they commence work in their new environment. This is not an ‘off the shelf solution’, we work with you to develop the online induction program that best suits your organisations vision, policies and values, we include all of your essential induction material and move it online so staff can be ready before they start working in the new environment.

workreadyonline will significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the induction and probation process.

- Offers an effective and efficient solution that will reduce the time and cost of managing new employees

- Gives you the control and the flexibility to develop and configure the path ways for different work groups

- Maximizes the capacity for new employees to be “work ready”

- Informs the new employee ‘upfront’ about your service’s values, philosophy and expectations

- Provides the opportunity for secondary screening prior to work commencement

- Delivers a consistent and thorough induction/probation experience for new staff members

- Ensures that each new employee has an induction/probation pathway that is directly relevant for their job responsibilities

- Is suited to single and multiple site residential and home care services

- Easily manages risk and compliance via a range of online reports that can be generated in real time.

For more information on our ACLS workreadyonline induction program, please click our to view our Work Ready Online brochure  or contact us on 02 9999 1993 and email us at

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