Aged Care Learning Management

 A Solution to Manage the Learning Needs for Your Service

Each aged care service has its unique challenges when it comes to disseminating information, salve providing ongoing staff education and managing workplace competency. Aged Care Learning Solutions work with you to develop a customised process to meet the needs of business or service.

Ongoing education or learning is central to the continuous quality improvement process that underpins residential aged care accreditation and community aged care quality reporting.

It is essential for all staff members and volunteers to continue to learn so they have the relevant knowledge and skills to meet consumer expectations, stuff deliver evidence-based safe care and services and to ensure that your organisation complies with regulatory and legislative requirements.

Aged Care Learning Solutions manages mandatory and other relevant education and workplace skills competency. We provide strategies to manage staff performance, deliver consistent staff induction and effectively respond to audits, complaints or Department concerns, accreditation and quality reporting.

The ACLS Learning Management System

One of the most integral parts of managing the learning needs for your organization is continuous quality improvement (CQI). The best way to manage this efficiently and effectively is through the use of a Learning Management System

A learning management system is simply a central place for staff to access continuing education and other information that they need to know. This includes: aged care education, workplace competency assessments, aged care specific CPD for your registered and enrolled nurse, policies and procedures, other relevant information or documentation.

An LMS provides easy and effective management of all aspects of staff learning and competence including learning delivery, real time tracking of learner activity and accurate, transparent learner progress and completion evidence.

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