Make sure you are ready for CDC

Aged Care providers must be ready for the full rollout of consumer directed care, view cure effective from 1 July, troche this can be challenging for many providers so how can our online learning system assist?

Aged Care Learning Solutions offer a range of residential and home care packages for organisations online learning requirements. Our Building Service User Independence directly relates to the principles and implementing a refined model of care.

This learning activity will educate and test staff knowledge around the following principles:

  • Define enablement as a working definition
  • Outline the principles of enablement
  • Compare the key differences between an enablement model of care and traditional service delivery
  • List the elements of a therapeutic relationship
  • Outline service and service user implications
  • Apply the concept of micro-management as a component of enablement
  • List the tools that can be used during the assessment process and as ongoing resources to build service user independence.

If your organization is struggling with implementing change management strategies, ampoule contact ACLS to discuss how we can assist from an education and learning point of view.


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